Is there any programming or math in the courses?

Introduction to AI:

No programming, but some math is required. It won’t be advanced math and the course is designed so that no pre-existing knowledge beyond basic math is expected. Even though all information needed to complete the exercises is available in the course, some exercises and parts might feel a bit tricky if you haven’t done any math recently. Some exercises also require you to draw with a pen and paper to find the answer to the question.

Building AI:

Every exercise has three levels of difficulty and you can try whichever level suits you best. We encourage you to always challenge yourself and at least take a look at the next level of exercises.

- Beginner - no programming knowledge needed. There will be multiple choice questions only.

- Intermediate - some Python programming knowledge needed. Exercises include modifying existing code or writing simple code.

- Advanced - you should be comfortable with programming in Python. Exercises include writing code in Python.

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