How can I make the most out of the Elements of AI courses?

Be prepared to dig deep.

Completing Introduction to AI and Building AI courses will require some work. Expect to study and review all sections carefully to truly understand the content.

We encourage you to challenge yourself! After completing Introduction to AI, why not check out its sequel, Building AI? Every Building AI exercise has three levels of difficulty and you can try whichever level suits you best. We encourage you to always at least take a look at the next level of exercises.

Get in a study group.

Your chances of completing the course are significantly better if you study with friends, colleagues or the Elements of AI community. Also, we strongly encourage participating in online discussions and asking if there’s something you don’t understand – it benefits the community as a whole.

Become a student again.

Devoting a couple of slots in your calendar each week will help you stay on track with the exercises. Having a dedicated place for studying – work desk, dining table, whatever works for you – helps get you into study mode.

Don’t stress!

We hope you’ll also have fun while doing our courses. Even if you complete the exercises to the best of your ability, you will likely make some mistakes, too. A few mistakes won’t stop you from completing a course, and the final score will not be printed on your certificate of completion.

Give us feedback!

We will keep updating the course materials and generally making the courses better based on feedback. Leave your feedback on your local online community!

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