How can I get ECTS credits (Finland only)?

You can apply for ECTS credits (free of charge) for completed Elements of AI courses through the University of Helsinki Open University, if you have one of the following:

  • a Finnish social security number, or
  • a University of Helsinki user ID, or
  • a user ID at another HAKA member institution

Available study credits:
Introduction to AI: 2 ECTS
Building AI: 1 ECTS (with Intermediate honors) OR 2 ECTS (with Advanced honors)

To register the ECTS credits for a completed course, log in to with your course email. Follow the instructions.

Introduction to AI: The course credits will be registered in the student records of the University of Helsinki within six weeks. You can view your registered studies in My Studyinfo (Finnish bank identification codes, mobile certificate or certificate card required).

Building AI: The registration process of the Building AI study credits will change due to the new study information system of the University of Helsinki / Open University. The ECTS registration for this course is currently closed and it will be opened with updated instructions by 7 June 2021. Thank you for your patience!

If you want to apply for credits at your own university, here are the course descriptions for Introduction to AI and Building AI.