I have passed the course, when do I get the certificate?

In case we have been able to process and confirm all your answers, your certificate will be available at the top of the My profile page.

What if I don't get a certificate even if I have completed the course?

If you haven't received the certificate yet, there are a couple possible explanations: - Check that you have given enough peer feedback on each of the peer evaluated exercises (Exercises 4, 15, 23, 24, 25) -- this is the most common reason for not getting the certificate - After that, it will take a while before your answers receive enough reviews from other students - When your exercises have received enough peer feedback, it may turn out that some of your answers may have been reported as spam (or getting very low scores), in which case we'll check them manually.

Also see "On peer reviews" below.

The grading criteria are as follows:

- minimum 90% of exercises completed - minimum 50% of correctness

Correctness is calculated as the average correctness over all the completed exercises (so each exercise has the same weight). The text answers are counted as 100% correct assuming they are confirmed valid.

On peer reviews:

The free text answers that are peer reviewed will take some time to be processed because we need a sufficient number of reviews. Furthermore, we will manually verify any answers that get lower than average scores, which will take even more time. This is why many of you will have to wait for the grading and the certificates for an extended period of time.

On university credits:

We apologise for the delay and the inconvenience, but these are official University of Helsinki credit units, and we take the validity of our certificates very seriously so that you can be very proud about earning them, even if it takes a bit longer.

If you studying at another university, here's the the official course description.

If you still have questions about the certificates, please check out the this post in our Spectrum community. Only if you can't find the answer there, you should contact us by sending a private message on Spectrum or by email to [email protected]

This is a real university course with actual credits. To ensure quality, issuing certificates involves manual work and with more than 70K students, it takes time. We are working on streamlining the process and will inform you as soon as possible. Please bear with us! 🙏❤️

Congratulations to all who passed already and all who will do so in the future!