How can I get 2 ECTS credits?

The ECTS are possible for 1) students with a University of Helsinki student ID number 2) students who have a Finnish personal identity number

  1. If you have a University of Helsinki student ID number, you should sign in with your student ID and you will automatically get the credits after completing the course and at least 90% of the exercises of which at least 50% are correct. You can read more about registration times here.
  2. If have a Finnish Personal identity number/ code  you can earn 2 ECTS credits from the University of Helsinki. The University of Helsinki Open University is responsible for registering the study credits. The University of Helsinki Open University will send you an email containing instructions on registration of the ECTS credits after you have completed the course. You will get the email in about one week after completing the course. Please note that annual holiday leaves extend the University's service times. Registration of the ECTS is free of charge.

For questions regarding registration of the credits, please contact: [email protected]

If you want to apply for credits at your own university, here's the official course description.