How can I get 2 ECTS credits (Finland only)?

If you complete the course and wish to have the credits entered in the University of Helsinki’s student records, you must register for the course at the Open University after completing it. You can find the link for registration form by going to My profile. All students of University of Helsinki have to register via The University of Helsinki Open University to get the ECTS registered.


  • Please note that the course registration form is open for a pre-defined period only
  • If you enter erroneous information when registering, we cannot register your credits.
  • The ECTS credits are possible to people who have a Finnish social security number (=Personal identity number). Information on Finnish personal identity numbers/codes. International students at the University of Helsinki can enrol on the course with their University of Helsinki username.

The course credits will be registered within six weeks of registration. Please note that due to the large number of students taking the course, the registration process cannot be expedited.

If you have questions about registering at the Open University, please contact [email protected]

If you want to apply for credits at your own university, here's the official course description.